Masibus is in operation for nearly 5 decades in the field of process control instruments and offers a wide range of Indigenous and Agency Products. Best quality products backed up by excellent pre/post-sales support through a network of ten area offices and several agents all over the country. Catagloue for reference : Masibus Product selection guide - Click here to download!Masibus Solutions offering  - Click here to download! Masibus products offering   -Click here to download!  Product portfolio :   ...View More

Welcome to Selec Controls Selec product range includes Electrical metering, Protection & Time relays, Programmable controls, Human Machine interfaces, Temperature controls, Timers, Counters and Current Transformers. Products Meters Multifunction Meter Energy Meter VAF Meter Voltmeter Ammeter Frequency Meter APFC Power Factor Meter Software PLC  MM101X Series MM303X Series Flexys Series MM3010 HMI IO Modules Software Accessories Protection Relays Earth Leakage Phase Sequence Voltage Protection Current Protection  Temperature Controllers Advance PID Economy An...View More

  Delta Overview Delta Group is the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and DC brushless fans, as well as a major source for power management solutions, components, display solutions, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Delta Group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Mexico, India and Europe. For more than 40 years, Delta Group has pursued the mission:"To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow." With its focus on continuous innovation, Delta has become a global leader in a range of products and has received th...View More

Download Product Profile Product portfolio Automation light grids Two-dimensional inspection or counting tasks are important in automation. SICK’s automation light grids can be used in a number of these solutions, such as detecting and counting irregularly shaped objects, people and vehicles, and checking for presence and pallet overhang detection. The tasks are so versatile that one light grid cannot fulfill the requirements of every application. Light grids from SICK offer multiple ranges, heights, sizes, orientations, and resolutions which simplify integration through high flexibility and performance Download catalogue here   Detection and ranging solutions ...View More