Godrej - Automation Energy Management (AEM)



The Compressed Air Solutions (CAS) from Godrej is dedicated to providing total solutions for your compressed air needs in the form of Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Air Compressors, Air Treatment Equipment like Filters, Dryers, etc, Receiver Tanks, Piping, Compressed Air Supply & Demand Side Control Systems and Automation. Our highly experienced team of experts combines their experience with innovative & unique solutions to offer a comprehensive package for the compressed air user. We also conduct compressed air flow & pressure measurements during the Audits. At CAS, our customers come first. Hence we constantly strive to provide our consumers with energy efficient solutions that are always cost effective.

In the year 2008 ControlAir IFC system bagged the national award for “Innovative Energy Saving Product” for being an undisputed leader in its category.



GODREJ Compressed Air Solutions Division gives Demand Side and Supply Side Systems along with automation solutions for your compressed air needs.  
Godrej provide Solutions to achieve energy savings between 10%-20% in the power consumed by your existing Air Compressors. Implementation of the Demand Side management system in the form of ControlAiR™ System creates a dynamic storage that isolates compressors from demand fluctuations and reduces artificial demand, resulting in reduction of energy consumed by Air Compressors.  Apart from saving energy, this control system also results in qualitative improvement in the performance of pneumatic tools and equipment by supplying constant pressure to the tune of ± 1 psig.
Implementation of EnergAir Solutions for Supply Side Management helps in intelligent sequencing & complete automation of air compressors. Its add-on features facilitate PC connectivity for on line monitoring of compressed air system, trending of history & report generations, etc.
On the basis of the Field Data Sheet duly filled and sent back by you, Godrej will send a Techno-Economic offer, projecting maximum Energy Savings potential and Guaranteed Energy Savings possible.  Each offer is backed by unique Money Back Guarantee offered by Godrej, in case any customer do not achieve the guaranteed savings, Godrej will take away the equipment and refund the total cost of the same.

Godrej is providing Complete Solution in Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems on Demand as well as Supply side management.

         *  Godrej are the pioneers in the field of providing Energy Saving solutions in compressed air systems.  Since last 10 years, Godrej has more than 1000 successful installations all over India and South East Asian countries. Godrej has provided solutions to various industries like Engineering, Forging, Foundry, Steel, Automobile, Ancillary, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Textile & all others industries using compressed air.
        *  Godrej – ControlAiR Systems come with Digital Electronic Micro-processor based controls. We assure that the compressed air pressure would be maintained in a tight band of ± 0.1 psig (± 0.007 kg/cm2).
        *  The control systems are capable of remote PC connectivity if required.
        *  Godrej have a team of engineers throughout India, to provide excellent back up for conducting study, commissioning & energy savings.

Godrej are sure that any energy saving project will provide the best possible returns on the investment giving a very good payback.