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Shell Rimula Unique Active Technology Modern Engine High Power Use


Shell Rimula has been tested and proven in both the laboratory and in real world conditions. Lasting over 30% longer than competitors in laboratory oxidation tests, Shell Rimula is proven to resist breakdown even under high temperature. Combined with its proven performance, delivering up to 30% lower iron wear in the real world conditions of the Australian road-trains, Shell Rimula provides the Energised Protection your engine needs.


Modern Engines: Shell Rimula is suitable for a wide range of heavy duty engine applications. With its wide range of approvals and specifications from many of the world’s leading engine makers, it is an excellent choice for on-highway logistics, general haulage and public transport operators. Suitably for Euro 2, 3 and certain Euro 4 engine technologies.

High Power Use: With its excellent protection against wear and deposits, Shell Rimula R4 is suitable for a wide range of high power heavy duty diesel engine applications where resistance to increased heat and stress is required.

For vehicles fitted with the latest emissions control technology such as diesel particulate traps we recommend the use of our low-emissions products such as Shell Rimula R4 L or Shell Rimula R6 LM/LME.

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