Slide Way Oil

Shell’s Tonna range is especially designed to lubricate machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. With excellent frictional properties, very good slideway adhesion and excellen anti-wear performance, it can be relied on to provide efficient machining accuracy and reliable protection for your equipment.

A wide variety of customers has unlocked value by moving to a higher quality machine tool slideway oil. For instance, some have:

  • extended coolant sump life by 20%, with the associated product cost savings
  • increased their speed of operations and rightfirst-time machining: one customer reports enhancing margins by $87,000 a year
  • enhanced efficiency through exceptional machining accuracy.

Shell Tonna Portfolio

Find the oil you need to protect your slideways, gears, bearings and hydraulic system components in the Shell Tonna range. The range includes:

  • Shell Tonna S2M
  • Shell Tonna S3M

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Shell Tonna S2 Leaflet

Shell Tonna S3 M Leaflet