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Bearings, gears and oil pumps must be well protected for a long machine life. That's why the Shell Morlina range offers a range of bearing and circulating oils, from robust, reliable products to fully synthetic products fortified with extreme-pressure (EP) additives.

The Shell Morlina range enables you to match the oil life of the fluid to your operational needs. This includes specialty products that continue to function even when contanimated with water, dust or dirt as well as the fully synthetic Shell Morlina S4B, which provides the longest oil life under severe conditions in the Shell Morlina range.

Efficient bearing and circulating systems are characterised by their ability to operate at or beyond their original design parameters. Consistent and reliable lubrication, whatever the operating conditions, is key. To meet the challenges of a wide range of equipment designs and applications, Shell has designed a portfolio of oils that enables you to choose a product to match your technical and operational needs.

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